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Tausendwater ART


Wolfgang Werner Ihle Deutscher Kunstmaler und Bildhauer mit Wohnsitz in England German graphic artist, painter and sculptur living in Somerset, UK

My wife “and I” have lived in Axbridge UK way yonder in the West Country from July 1, 2011 to Mai 2015 -Now we are just moving into a new house in Potsdam / Germany

We met the most wonderful friends in Somerset and we were treated as such.

We are gradually starting to feel homy in the Chaos. The house is pretty big and has two stories, big windows everywhere, opening inside. We bought lots of cupbords and beds and shelves and a new huge table with chairs. It still freezes at nights so that we would use a shed in the garden as fridge. Today finally we got our fridge. The office is nearly as big as the old living room and 3,50 m high.  We are gradually running out of Twinings “Early Grey” and Gaby sometime explains things to me in English…after those four years in England. She says things like “Wickel das doch mal richtig ein! Just WRAP it!  

That box trailor is starting to become our best friend. Our kids are also very helpful. The physical work starts to cause pain in certain places of limbs where earlier we did not even have limbs. And none of our clients has complained about delays since they all knew we were moving.

Our years in Axbridge have been a wonderful fairy tale. (20.04.2015)

Wolfgang will soon publish some of his Axbridge drawings of the past years. Just keep an eye on this web site. Finally you will be able to buy them from the friends of the Axbridge Church – and the money will stay with them.

Gabi and Wolfgang W. IHLE –
Tel. 0049-(0)30-98 320 320  –  Ebereschenweg 3 in D-14476 Potsdam GrGL

– WOSA Wertgutachten Organisation Sachverständiger – und www.